Storms of my grandchildren

I had to persevere with this, as a non-scientist, but I am glad I did. I now understand why Hansen is so passionate about telling everyone, particularly politicians, that we must stop burning fossil fuels now, this minute. We must not squeeze out the last drops of oil and gas from tar sands and shale but leave it where it is, and close coal plants that do not capture carbon. Next generation nuclear power is a partial answer, and he criticises governments that have not explained to the public the advantages of the fast reactor over the older thermal reactors. He regards coal as far more damaging than nuclear. These urgent issues are not being addressed by politicians who he says talk a lot of green wash, but due to lobbying, fossil fuel subsidies and big money continue with ‘business-as-usual’.  Hansen says we can’t rely on our governments to do the right thing regarding climate change and yet our very survival and that of other species depend on tackling carbon emissions. He urges the public, and particularly young people, to get organised and points us in the direction of  What Hansen says is worrying, but reading this book gives one the chance to understand the issues and the urgency. 

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